Bing it! On iPhoneMicrosoft Bing is making efforts to be replaced with the Google, as the primary search engine of Apple iPhone. The discussions and negotiations are being under going in between Apple and Microsoft Bing, till the last reports.

Due to the rising gap in between Apple and Google, the options are being discussing by the superiors from weeks now, to replace Google. Bing is taking the advantage and pouring into this to fill the rifts occurred.

Through the sources of Business Week, the discussion is to drop off of Google from Apple’s iPhone and change over to Microsoft Bing as a default Search Engine.

It has been notice, that the ‘Microsoft Bing’ is the next in the row, and a leading competitor of Google. So considered ‘Microsoft Bing’ as the main threat to such contract if happens. If such agreement takes place, than it might be a business shift by Apple.