Samsung i8510We all know that pixel count is not always guarantee to good quality picture. But it seems that 8 megapixels will be taking wings to become the new 5 megapixels in the upper level of camera cell phone world this year.

As Samsung is quite habitual to put such challenges in front of the industry so, there are some details about its well-known i8510 smartphone which has S60 3rd version features Pcak 2, FM radio, 7.2 Mbps HSPDA, WiFi, GPS and massive 16GB space that can be extended to 24GB with microSD slot.

Samsung's i8510

Credit: Perry Williams

And yeah! One thing more and this is so-called camera which has 120fps video capture at QVGA resolution and a dual LED flash.  DivX and DLNA certification have also been included and the thing that is missing perhaps is unchecked and endless hype. We haven’t heard anything about the release date yet.