HTC Mobiles in New DirectionsHTC mobiles are now up for something new with their latest inventions popping up. They have shown themselves to be one of the most powerful Asian firms to be around with new Touch.b idea. This idea has been released via the web and is expected to be a continued sensation carrying forth in the next year. However the last release from HTC has not been as powerful as it should have been estimated. But that doesn’t stop HTC bringing forth new and incredible inventions our way. There HTC phone that was code named ROME will from now use BrewMP with some of the new platforms that have applications to run across. There are going to be fine surprises that bring really successful use for customers in the coming year. There are going to be easy to create applications that would run smoothly enough. The HTC basic model supports Wi-Fi and comes with a 2MP camera but no video recording.

The European series will successfully bring about something like a big sensation with new Flash support and much more than the basic model’s provisions. There is going to be quite a nifty price tag attached to it though. Waiting for the new release for the coming year would also mean that you are getting a break from all the Android vs Windows mayhem.