The hunger for information on mobiles will reach fever pitch in the coming months as people clamour to find out which are the best mobile phones for Christmas. The mobile market has become a key market for manufacturers to showcase technological innovation, with Apple pioneering a new advance on each updated iPhone. Samsung has become a genuine rival with their range and companies like Sony and LG have some exciting new mobiles demonstrating their ability to innovate.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace and the Samsung Galaxy S2 are both top of the range phones and their capabilities run far beyond previous models. The Samsung S2 is ideal for internet browsing with its 1.2GHz dual core processor and crystal clear large screen. Dual core technology has taken the mobile world by storm. It allows for faster internet and slicker App usage. For those that see a phone as their first choice camera, the S2 provides 8 megapixels of image quality and HD video. Its price puts it in direct competition to the iPhones.
Samsung Galaxy

The aforementioned phones fall in at the top end of the market but for those on a lesser budget, or those who merely demand less paraphernalia on their mobiles, there is also a good range available. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 represents a practical high quality phone on a pay as you go deal.  Further down the pricing scale, but nevertheless of undoubted quality, the Samsung Chat 222 and the Samsung Tocco Lite are popular pay as you go phones – and reasonable at £34.95 and £49.95 respectively .

So whether you demand pay as you go for cheap variable bills or a contract phones for good value and access to some of the best phones on the market, there certainly seems to be a phone suited to everybody’s needs this Christmas.