sony logSony is looking forward to great success by launching its remarkably attractive high definition games this year. Through the current period of economical recession, it is a new move to gain market.

With the release of “Killzone 2“, a first person shooter this week, Sony has planned other great hits through out. The games in the list are “Infamous” and “Heavy Rain”, with much joyfully awaited game sequels like “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves” and many more in store.

Sony is striding to beat the economical crush times with its business strategies. Peter Dille Senior Vice President Sony says that the company is going for “the most aggressive marketing year in its history.” Sony has planned a multimillion dollar campaign to double the success rate of “Killzone 2”.

“God of War III,” has already gathered a lot of waiting fans which is expected to embrace PS2 owners with joy. With this game, all those who have been long ignored will again be prized.

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For the running year, Microsoft and Nintendo have not revealed any marketing plans yet. Though, it is obvious that they will not lag behind. Regarding Sony’s productions and efforts to stay ahead of others, Dille says that the company Sony “employs more people in development than Microsoft and Nintendo combined.”

Sony holds a great sense of competition, Dille added, “We’ll put our exclusives up against anyone.” It is a crucial time for every business and everyone is striving to survive these crises.