World of warcraftIt’s really a wonder that the World of Warcraft the most popular online multiplayer game can now be played with iPhones now and this completely removes the restriction that it can only be played with laptop or PC’s. It is interesting news for those who make use of their iPhone. They can right away login and play the world of warcraft games with their mobile phone. By network technology the video image is continuously streamed to the iPhone and this offer is ideal for gaming environment. Bringing World of Warcraft to the iPhone clearly depicts the advancements in our technology.

Frequent travelers, who miss playing the game of World of Warcraft on their PC’s or laptops, can now play with their iPhones and this is really considered as a boon to them.


The game purely runs on an application, Vollee client, which helps 3G mobile phones to play PC applications over the network. All sorts of PC games can now be accessed directly to through iPhone by VolleX engine an advent in mobile technology. Now, it’s not difficult for iPhone users to enjoy gaming while moving without hassles.