Social Networking Websites via TVSocial networking websites have been spreading over the internet like jungle fire for the past few years. Right now these sites have created a whole nation of inquisitive neighbors as well as of show-offs.

When it comes to inquisitiveness about your fellow social networkers, it is somewhat imprisoned to the internet murky world, but at the same time it’s near to change quite soon.

Results of a new study, done by ABI Researchers, show that as many as 34% consumers want to access social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook via their TV sets.

In this study, the researchers gathered detailed from nearly one thousand households and noticed that almost 36% people, who were already members of different social networks, wanted to use things like gogglebox to find about their favorite social network websites.

It was also found that people of different age group requested for different features to access these sites via TV.

People aged 50 and over expressed the desire to use the social TV to have the latest updates and find out who is doing what on their TV. While younger networkers told that they would use such service for text chatting.

Senior media analyst Jason Blackwell says in this connection: “The social media is moving in the same passion as video bustle is going across different screens.”