WebWith the growing age of Facebook and Twitter, privacy is no longer seen as a social norm or something to put a bar on. People are now updating on whatever they want to feel like whether it is something funny or something they want to share or be open about. The whole Facebook phenomena has opened a new global way of communicating and now with iPhones one can be online any time of the day or night and even while doing other chores throughout one’s days. So random updates and comments keep coming and it could very well be taken as too much of a media occupation but most people seem to be quite content with that. It is indeed necessary to shut off social media at some point in order to bring calm and peace of mind without your iPhone giving alerts to every comment to your post. But overall it is indeed the coolest way to stay in touch with your gang no matter how far apart in the world you are. It is possible to strike up completely virtual connections bringing whole new perception of communication in our lives. The rise of online social networking however not only works for promoting business and advertising for one’s page but also for keeping in touch with families and friends. For families who are scattered all over the place this is indeed helpful to stay connected and getting updates from one another. This works really well with friends and also in keeping bonds from far and wide.