Firefox 3.6 is out for TestingThe Firefox 3.6 is now on its near completed version. It will soon be released worldwide as Firefox 3.6 and would be used in Windows, Linux and Mac. There would be new versions to be included through the Personas in order to bring about new and fresh customization of the browser’s appearance along with blocks of 3rd party software to bring in a place that saves it from encroaching other file systems. This is going to be an important key feature for a thriving Firefox system. Google Chrome has been working on this to shorted browsing time and bringing in improved success with a high speed JavaScript performance. There are now going to be new downloadable items coming through the latest Mozilla update in its site. This is going to be a gift of the Firefox 3.6 RC1. This people can notice through the wall skin and the better performing ability of the Firefox program working in the long run. There are going to be deeper changes about to be noticed when working through development of this new place. The support File for interface is also going to bring multiple photo uploading options and other such tasks to be done efficiently.