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Apple ApplicationsAround 3 billion iPod touch and iPhone applications have been downloaded from the Apple Store, the latest figures from Apple say.

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs stated, “In less than 18 months, three billion applications have been downloaded. This is quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen!”

Apple Store is quite revolutionary, it offers iPhone and iPod touch users an unmatchable experience on other mobile devices, and this competition is unbeatable as of now.” Click here to read more …

iphone webserverFor many people, there are so many things. Yup, I am talking about the iPhone, but have you ever imagined that it’s becoming a web server too.

A Japanese networking company known as FreeBit has achieved this piece of trickery and this new iPhone application has been quite oddly named as ServerMan@iPhone.

With the help of this application, one can download or upload files via a standard browser or through the webDAV protocol. According to FreeBit, the iPod touch or iPhone would just appear like any available server computer on the web. Click here to read more …