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HTC Nexus One

HTC Nexus One
HTC Nexus One with T-Mobile USA has been bringing a lot of new improvements with the additional benefit of Google. This is a rather powerful handset with lots of new features that bring you ease at work. You can work with this mobile being one of the very first owners of this carrier handset.

This is a handset with manual projection that brings some of the most important features that help you network really fast. Check out SlashGear to make way for the most important parts of understanding the new T-Mobile range. Click here to read more …

T-Mobile Sidekick (Gekko)
These days, a good secret can’t be kept for a long time and surely, T-Mobile can tell you better in this connection. There were words about T-Mobile’s sidekick model months ago and it got all confirmed almost a week ago when the pitiless blogsphere had access to some internal documents of T-Mobile’s Gekko (code-name)

Today, the new model has been officially unveiled and simply named as T-Mobile Sidekick. After acquisition of Danger (device manufacturer) by the Microsoft, it is the first Sidekick to debut. Click here to read more …