Youtube feather lite versionEveryone loves their daily dose of Youtube videos but sometimes loading the videos take a lot of time. We are all extremely impatient nowadays and always find it difficult to deal with taking too much time for our favorite songs or videos to upload. So Youtube is all geared to make everything a lot easier, faster and better than you by introducing Youtube feather lite version! The name pretty much says it all so that you can upload all your favorite videos at super fast speed. It is best to opt for this in the beta version so that you can easily function this all new version of Youtube!

The process is still under quite a bit of development but let’s hope that Youtube smoothens out any kind of errors that might have occurred in the creation of the Feather Lite version of Youtube. All you have to do is ensure that you keep tab of the latest developments in this by Youtube so that when it is launched you can easily have it installed and make sure that all your videos have fast and quick upload. This way you are sure to get to see all your favorite videos within seconds and not wait for long to have them upload!