Free Blackberry Applications

Free Blackberry ApplicationsIt’s okay. Admit it. You probably have complained just like everybody else: iPhone gets all the cool new apps, and Blackberry gets yesterday’s cold left-overs.

These 10 apps may not relieve all your misery, but they will minimize your humiliation and ridicule when you sit with all the Apple-kids in the lunch area. More importantly, these apps work. They bring you the information you need when you need it, navigating you through strange places and helping you make the right multiple choices on your history tests. That, and the lunch area thing…

1. FaceBook for BlackberryThe app looks, feels, and operates just like FaceBook on your PC, so that you easily and stylishly can post your updates wherever you go.


Credit: Dankeldsen

FaceBook designers have done a good job of linking their site with all the new technologies; this app is just the latest in a long string of user-friendly advances. With all these great ways to access FB, MySpace must feel like a ghost town.

2. Twitter for BlackberryNever miss a “tweet” and never postpone an update.


Credit: Revision3

Now, Twitter works as easily on your BlackBerry as it does online. You may assume this is a good thing.

3. Pandora MobileThis is amazing! Yes, Pandora Mobile deserves first place on the list because it raises the worldwide standard for “consummately cool,” but you need FB and Twitter before you tune-in your favorite music. A product of “The Music Genome Project,” Pandora calls itself “internet radio,” but it makes you the programmer. You enter the name of your favorite artist or song, and Pandora delivers not only your selection but every artist and song like it in the known musical universe.

Mr. T in DC

Credit: Mr. T in DC

Musicians have analyzed all the elements in your favorites, finding the same elements in everything ever recorded. Pandora makes the connection. Put down the iPod and pick-up Pandora. Just like the nymph in the myth, this Pandora opens the box and a world of amazing possibilities flies out. Of course, when you discover new favorites and instant classics, Pandora links to the most popular download sites.

4. PalringoThis app earned its privileged 4-spot on the list for its multi-tasking practicality. Palringo gives you the ultimate text-ware, because it works with all your favorite instant messengers—AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and Google Talk.


Credit: PalringoLtd

Palringo communicates across different operating systems and platforms, so you instantly can link with your friends via Palringo no matter what kind of handhelds their thumbs caress.

Seriously, the more you message, the more you want Palringo on your BlackBerry.

5. QIK MobileAs independent developers introduce new BlackBerry apps, this item may fade from the list. For now, it represents the best of its kind, and you must remember it costs you nothing. With QIK, you can stream video live from Berry to net, showing it to the world or protecting it with a password. Obviously, your BlackBerry must include a camera.


Credit: JASElabs

If you have an upscale BlackBerry with a 5 or 6 megapixel camera, Qik totally rocks. Especially if you number among legions of CNN i-reporters you will get a lot of use from your Qik download.

6. BlackBerry AppworldHere you come face-to-face with the heart of your BlackBerry complaint. You envy your iPhone friends because they have literally a thousand more games than you do. BlackBerry App world confirms what you already knew: Because Berries dominate the business world, the majority of high-quality, high-powered BlackBerry applications recreate the most popular applications for guys in suits.


Credit: Shallwelin

A wealth of information, but not a whole lot of warlords! In order to download some of the apps from independent developers, you must use PayPal, but you wanted a PayPal debit card anyway.

7. ViigoThe app for the ambitious young professional on the go. Viigo seems like about a dozen apps all in one, because it gives you access to news, weather, sports, stocks, and your favorite RSS feeds with one touch.


Credit: Mikef1182

Viigo helps you play audio clips and podcasts; and, when you travel, Viigo works with your GPS to report local weather, major attractions in your business or vacation destination, and all about shopping, food, and entertainment. With Viigo, you even can read books on your handheld.

8. Google MapsNow Google Maps work as well on your BlackBerry as online. Everything Google Maps do online, they now do on your handheld.


Credit: Asmythie

No promise you never will get lost again, but this app clearly improves your chances of finding your way out.

9. Neosistec CarfinderGet this app for your mom, and download it for yourself before you venture into the mall for major shopping. In fact, the more ginormous your galleria, the more you must get Carfinder—also essential for trips to major theme parks and stadiums.

It does just what it says, eliminating the existential question, “Dude, where’s my car?” As you leave and lock your car, you mark its place in your GPS. When you have completed your adventures, you click and Carfinder shows a map to your vehicle—another new take on the old trail of breadcrumbs.

10. BoopsieAlthough this app is more than a little nerdy, it undoubtedly will improve your quality of life in school. Used discreetly and skillfully, it might even get you through mid-terms.

Boopsie quickly and easily connects you to serious content sites like Wikipedia and IMDP; your results appear on your screen in text you actually can read.