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HTC are a Chinese company, based in Taiwan, specialising in developing high end smartphones that continually push the boundaries of what is possible on a mobile phone.
They have had massive success over the last few years, with phones such as the Wildfire selling all over the world and bringing the Android operating system to the forefront of mobile phone software. One phone above all others has made HTC one of the biggest mobile phone developers in the world and still continues to sell extremely well into 2011, despite being almost a year old.

This phone is, of course, the HTC Desire. The phone has exceeded all expectations and with the release at the end of 2010 of the High Definition version of the phone, the HTC Desire HD, it seems as if the phone’s future looks just as bright as the last 12 months. Click here to read more …

Photo by Atasuke

Photo by Atasuke

The HTC HD2 is very efficient and high speed and is just a good product. But it is not with the 3G technology.  It is designed in sleek and compact body, and light weight. It is available in both connection type with 2G and 3G networks and was launched in November 2009, and receiving decently good responses. It has an efficient captivated touch screen composed of 65000 colours. HTC HD2 only weighs 157g.

There are multiple input methods to function with its Multi-touch screen features, offering with a accelerometer sensor to give you with the Auto-rotate facility. The new HTC HD2 has built-in memory of 448 MB Ram and 512 MB Rom. The micro-SD memory card is installed and can be upgraded to higher cards. It has no Infrared port, as an obsolete feature, but is configured with high speed Bluetooth and USB port. The phone book inside allows you to add unlimited entries and fields, the log for all types of calls, from missed calls, dialed number or received number, gives you a huge log book, so you can see your activities in there even a one month previous.

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