Best Digital Cameras

Best Digital CamerasThere are many different things to look at when trying to find the best digital camera. One thing to consider is to really sit back and think about what you will be using your camera for, how you will want to travel with your camera, and any other information for the needs of your camera. These things will help you to be able to find the best digital camera for yourself. Further there are a number of different things that are important for you when you want to purchase the best digital camera. One thing that might help you out is to make a list of the things that you want your camera to be able to do. Think about all of the needs that you have for a camera and be able to look at the differences in those needs and how they are met with the ability to be able to purchase a camera that is built to the specific considerations and issues that you have.

By looking at the different needs for your camera you will want to identify a number of specific concerns and areas. Think about the digital zoom that you are going to want. This is important as it can drastically change the cost of the camera as well as the ability to be able to take photographs. Secondly there is a need to look at the number of pixels that are contained in the camera. Through looking at the pixels you will want to consider the type of pictures that you will be taking as well as the size in which you are going to be printing them. If you want to take a lot of detailed photographs and want to blow them up to any substantial size then you might want to look for a higher pixel as this is the only reason that a super high pixel is super important. Having a great digital camera does not mean that you will have to spend a ton of money or that you will have to buy a professional camera. Although some of these things are important.

There are a number of different things that those who are looking for a camera think about. When looking at cameras these top five cameras seem to be great choices for those who are in the market to shop. These cameras are in a number of different price ranges.

*The number one rated camera is top of the line and the Nikon D3. The camera is in a price range of around $5,500. This camera is expensive and is known to be the cream de la cream of the camera world.

Tech Fever

Credit: Tech Fever

The camera is top of the line and offers a number of different things that are worthwhile. There are a number of special features for this professional level camera which is available and ready to use for all.

The camera does rate high in its ease of use as a camera that a novice can use in order to get professional level results.

*The number two camera is the Nikon D90. The camera is a great deal for the $1000-1300 that you will spend and it really is the perfect midrange camera.

Yumi Abe

Credit: Yumi Abe

This camera has the ability to be a professional level camera and something that is available for the use of the cameras. This camera has a lot of features.

There were a number of great performance issues and the quality of the pictures is wonderful. This camera also supports movie capture which is important as it is one of the first videos of this type that could help.

*The number three camera is the Lumix DMC-ZS3. This camera is in the price range that is affordable to the majority of those which is $300-350.

Colour & Light

Credit: Colour & Light

This camera is a mega zoom camera that is available to the majority of individuals. The camera was one of the first mega zoom cameras that has been offered as a regular camera and not a professional quality camera.

This camera is able to be used by the vast majority as it very easy to use.

*In the fourth place is the Fujifilm Fine Pix F200EXR. This camera is still a bit pricey running from $300-400. This camera is the best possible camera for the money.


Credit: Hopeless128

The camera offers a number of different features in a simple and compact body. The camera does offer a sensor mode that seems as though it might not be something that is available for all.

Further however these sensors are something that might be confusing to those who do not know how to use the camera properly.

*The fifth place camera is the Kodak EasyShare M1033 is the cheapest and most affordable camera by far, ranging in price from $140-200.

Tech Fever

Credit: Tech Fever

Even though this camera is cheaper it still packs a lot of great features.