apple-logoNow the iPhone 3G’s incredibly successful launch (perhaps the highest profile gadget launch in history)   has become a far off thing. And now it’s time for Apple’s fan to return to their favorite pastime as to guess about Apple’s next product release.

Many ‘well-informed’ seem to believe that in late September there would be a new line of Mac and iPod products by Apple.

If you are considering buying a laptop, don’t buy yet.

According to Graham Barlow who is editor of MacFormat, “There are signs that seem to be pointing towards a new Mac and iPod lines as well in late September. If you can afford to wait for buying a new Apple laptop, it might be a wise decision.”


Apple Inc. has already issued an advisement bulletin to channel partners that advises resellers to be prepared for possible product shortages in August.  It also hints that the supplies of some Mac notebooks and current model iPods will soon become very short.


All these signs indicate that Apple is considering launching MacBooks and new iPods in mid or late September. What comes next only time will tell and till late September, you can enjoy rumors and speculation about coming MacBook and iPod models but one thing is certain that the next release is related to MacBook Air and iPod.