Apple's ComputersThere are rumors that the new range of computers by Apple will be available with a new chipset that may support decoding as well as encoding video by making the main processor free to control the remaining computer.

Many companies, like Toshiba, are already using a dedicated chip for video and it’s not a new thing for them. Toshiba is using that technology in its laptops in the form of Quad Core HD Processor.

Besides four 128bit SIMD RISC processors, there are high definition H.264 and MPG2 encoders and decoders in the Quad Four that works parallel with the CPU of the device.

However, according to Apple, its using an NTT DoCoMo-derived H.264 video processor that is first by the company.

The new chip will be handy to decrease the time it takes to edit HD video and it will also support to process live HD video from the web.

The news is still rumbling, but some websites believe that computers with this new technology will be available in September.