Android PhoneAccording to HTC’s chief financial officer Hui-ming Cheng, his company is still considering to launch a phone that will run the new Android UI from Google as well as from others.

The handset is being rumored as still unknown HTC Dream and it is expected to ship in fourth quarter this year.

Though some network operators have shown interest in the handset, still no company has announced in UK to carry the handset.

Google and some other companies like Samsung, LG and T-Mobile (from out of manufacturers’ side), are developing Android.

Credit: Product Photos

Credit: Product Photos

Android will set to have the might of the Symbian Foundation, as cell phone interfaces are marching into a further ‘open-source’ operational method. The outcomes for the consumers will be similar to a world where free or with a fee applications are developed just like Apple’s AppStore.

Without any doubt, Google is quite interested to expand into the area of mobile world and its first attempt to a handset UI would be a treat to watch.