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Nokia HandsetsIn an effort to help beating the slowdown in cell phone sales, Nokia decreased up to ten per cent off its many media and music cellphones in July.

The biggest discounts have been offered on the 5310 and 5610 music phones and similarly, Nokia 8GB N81 which is considered Nokia’s solid performer has also been discounted heavily.

This decrease in price caused Nokia shares to drop slightly but still the company succeeded to deliver a dominant message to its rivals. Click here to read more …

Nokia N96The Nokia N96 has been revealed by the network operator 3 and it will be available in the UK in September. posts, besides a £15 a month mix/match option; there would be many other contracts for which the device will be available.

On pre-order for several months with 31 July as shipping date, the device is being sold by; however, its commercial availability seems a bit away. Click here to read more …

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