Those people who have either upgraded their previous iPhone device or replace another with the new iPhone 4S, have several new features to use. One of these is a feature known as SIRI. SIRI is a built in assistance in the iPhone 4S. A form of artificial intelligence, SIRI is voice activated. Therefore, to use SIRI you must talk aloud to it. Then when SIRI responds, this will also be in the form of a voice command. However, despite how useful and helpful SIRI can be, the fact that people have to talk to use it can get annoying to others.

Basically, what it sounds like is a phone conversation but one in which you hear both sides of the conversation. This is especially so when you’re in a setting where extraneous talking is rather bothersome to others. What can be even more annoying is talking very labouredly in order for SIRI to comprehend what you are saying or adding punctuation. This doesn’t have to be a major manner faux pas when using SIRI. Actually, there are some tips to follow to allow you to use SIRI without being a nuisance to others.
Apple iPhone 4S SIRI
One thing you can do it hold the phone up to your ear. Many people think they have to use the speakerphone to converse with SIRI. This is not the case at all. The iPhone 4S can be used like a handset to talk with SIRI. Also, start using the ten foot rule. This means if you’re within ten feet of a group of people in a quiet location, do not talk to your phone. Now if you are in the company of friends who want to hear your interactions with SIRI then this tip would not matter at all. If you need to use SIRI and are in a situation where you simply should not talk aloud, and then use the keys to type to SIRI instead.