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sony-ericssonSony Ericsson introduced its T610 at the time when mobile phones were new and the people didn’t know what SMS was.

Haaaaaa! Time takes wings and now the company is experiencing decline worldwide, but every cloud has a silver lining and the updated version of the T700 is, indeed, a ray of hope for Sony Ericsson.

This slim metallic phone has been clearly designed to look and feel nice and let you do the things what you want to. Click here to read more …

Samsung Q70With its impressive specification, excellent battery life and strong usability, Samsung’s Q70 is a true representative of its powerful, stylish, and reasonably priced ultra-portable laptops.

Though not as slim as we like, quite compact and can be easily carried in small luggage with its 2kg chassis that is ideal for travel. We can easily keep working the whole day long with its 314-minute battery life. But one thing is worth mentioning and that’s about large battery that sticks out 20mm behind the chassis. Click here to read more …

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