HGoogle searches are not quite Eco-friendlyarvard University researchers find that Google searches are not so eco-friendly as many of us may have considered. The researchers find that every Google search produces 7g of carbon dioxide.

Dr. Alex Wissner, the author of the study, says that many people consider Google searches quite eco-friendly, but in actual they are not so, and according to an estimate, every Google search produces nearly 7gram of CO2. It is mainly because of the power that is utilized by the data center, user computer and other servers that are used for every search.

According to an estimate nearly 200m searches are made on the search giant Google every day and their impact is, no doubt, quite significant.

On the other hand, Google responded quickly to it and said that it was taking its role quite seriously regarding environmental safety and its different data centers are quite energy efficient.

The company statement explains: “The fact is that your PC will consume more energy for a Google search than we consume to answer this query.”

So, next time when you are on Google to get your queries answered, you really need to be specific and instead of wandering here and there just look for the things that you are really looking for and just restrict yourself to only top ten search results. At least the study seems to suggest so.