Intel chip plantsOn Wednesday, Intel revealed that the company is considering closing its two assembly test plants: one in Malaysia and the other in Philippines. According to an estimate, the move would affect nearly 6000 employees.

Intel, the largest chipmaker in the world, has announced to halt production in its five older factories, and similarly the company will close its two existing assembling and testing facilities in Philippines and Malaysia.

intel_chipsIntel revealed in a statement that the move at four plants and with other supporting functions would nearly affect 5-6 employees globally. However, all of these employees wouldn’t leave, as some of them would also be offered jobs in other Intel facilities the action will be taken in two steps: now and in the end of 2009.


Chuck Mulloy, an Intel spokesperson, said that the move was related to the call that was made in its earnings conference last week. In that Conference Company’s financial officer Stacey Smith had announced that the company would take some immediate actions to decrease the utilization levels in different factories stop oversupplies.


“To make these older facilities capacity offline is a part of long term planning process, however, the current slowdown made us to accelerate the process,” Chuck added.