acer laptopThe latest from Acer 10.1- inch Aspire One AOD150 is structured with a wider screen than the previous 8.9 inches. Apparently the new keyboard looks same as the old one, but has been improved a bit. The arm rest has also been improved and a new metal brushed coating can be seen.

It comes in navy blue, white, black and red colors though the other physical features like rounded edges are like before. Comparatively its size is thinner than the 10 inch Eee Pc 1000HE. Due to its six cell 5,800 mAh; milliamp battery, the weight falls slightly to the heavier side, which is hunched to the back. Apart from weight, it has a positive aspect of working for continuous 7 hours and 57 minutes.acer-2

A few of the initially shipped systems will be stacked with this battery, which gives 49 more minutes than 1000HE and 38 minutes superiority than Mini 2140 by HP. Most of the systems, however, will be specified with 4,400 mAh batteries which will provide a 6 hours run time, as claimed by Acer.

The 4,400 mAh batteries will take 5 hours on each full charging. As far as the price is concerned, it will be available in $350, which is a bit higher if we compare it to its keyboard and touchpad impression.aspire-one

The compact Aspire series are considered as market leading netbooks. It is considered that with this laptop, Acer will continue to lead the market as before. No doubt, the Acer 10.1- inch Aspire One AOD150 is a delight to see and have.