It sounds like a little bit paranoia when we want to install security camera system inside and around our home. But actually, it becomes a necessity in this era when threats could appear out of nowhere. Security and surveillance camera system is very crucial to provide better security inside your home. It is also important to allow you monitor your home while you are away. As most of us are spending our days at office, we leave our kids at home alone or with their nanny.

With home security cameras installed in strategic points, you can monitor your home and make sure that your kids are completely well secured. There are many bad stories about awful nannies that abuse the kids or even stealing things. Off course you don’t want that thing to happen. So it’s important to get either wired or wireless home security systems for your home. When you want to install security cameras inside your home, there are many factors you need to consider.

The first factor you need to consider is the space you want to cover. The numbers and sizes of room that you want to monitor will determine how many cameras you need to install. It is also highly related to the next factor; type of security cameras you need. There are many different types of security cameras especially security cameras CCTV that widely used for its reasonable price and user friendly operation. The type of camera depends on your surveillance needs. The camera resolution will determine the quality of image. Zooming and rotation capabilities would be a benefit to cover more space.
Security Camera

It is obvious that there’s no one would feel comfortable when they knew that they are monitored. That’s why hidden surveillance camera would be better options. There are various models of security cameras hidden on common shapes found inside home. Security camera system is supported with DVR to record particular time frames. The DVR security cameras should be suitable with the specs and numbers of camera used in the system. The higher resolution and more numbers of security cameras would require higher storage capacity. Back up capability using CD-R, DVD-R, or flash storage would give benefits to make sure there are enough storage space available.

One important thing from home security and surveillance system is remote capability. Don’t forget that you are monitoring from distance. Present models of security camera usually have IP camera capability allowing you to monitor your home through PC using internet protocols. Even advanced CCTV system could offer advanced features to access security camera system and monitor it real time using smartphone.