Photo by Lockheed Martin

You must have heard or read about the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Vertical Landing that was achieved at the Naval Air Station at Patuxent River. This is definitely a breakthrough achievement for this supersonic machine as it is very clear to the world now that the best fifth generation fighter aircraft in the world can also successfully carry out vertical landing in confined spaces both when it is going to be afloat as well as on land too. Vertically landing in confined spaces is something that this aircraft has achieved very recently this month and it was Pilot Graham Tomlinson who was flying the F-35.

Tomlinson is a retired pilot from the Royal Air Force but has been employed by the BAE systems for well over twenty years at the moment. He had to hover over the air field for about a minute before he attempted the vertical landing for the aircraft. Not only that, but he had also been flying the aircraft after taking off for about fifteen minutes before he landed in the constricted air landing pad of about ninety five square meters which is what the achievement is all about.

This experimental landing was carried out by Tomlinson as he leads the STOVL team for the F-35 and the techniques that he employed coupled with the innovative technology that was used by the engineering team can all be given the credit for this landing achievement. This kind of landing capabilities that have been added to the F-35 makes sure that the already high standards of this supersonic fighter plane are raised up, something that the rest of the world has not yet managed to accomplish. Tomlinson and the rest of the team have achieved a great milestone for the US Navy as can be seen.