nintendo_logo Nintendo announced 30 million units’ sales for its gaming console Wii in the U.S. The company is also quite optimistic about the future sales of their Wii gaming console.

Wii has proved a successful console for the company and it become the cause to open gaming into many new areas.

The simple games that don’t force a player to make hours of practice has made the motion-sensor driven console a real big hit among the families and make it different from the gamer specific Xbox and PlayStation.


Total 29.72 million units have been sold currently and according to Nintendo’s predictions, there would be 34 percent rise in the coming year and the landmark of 30 million will go after very soon.

wii games

The figure might have been surpassed before if it had not been stock problems earlier. Nintendo has confirmed that successor of the Wii brand will be able sooner or later.