Photo by US Army Africa

Outback Steakhouse has decided to take up the important cause of helping out affected families all the U.S. troops who have been victims during the course of war. This includes almost 105, 00 families who have been affected by war during the entire course of several years. Financial aid, and other types of help is being provided constantly to support U.S. troops deal with any kind of loss as well as their wounds. It is remarkable how many of these soldiers have been badly affected and it just makes the process worse for them because they also need dire help quite often.

Most of the times it is not just important to provide some kind of a financial aid, even moral support becomes extremely important. Just financial aid for the U.S. troops would have been an incomplete effort, so Outback Steakhouse has gone one step forward to tie up with a Non Profit Organization called Operation Homefront and they are dedicated in providing help to all the families. They have almost 4,500 volunteers to carry out their work and the one million dollars from Outback Steakhouse just furthers their cause.

With so much help it can become a possibility to help out all the soldiers in need as well as their families. To spread the word and raise awareness among people in general about this organization, Outback Steakhouse has also paired up with famous singer Tim McGraw during his music tour. A t-shirt sold during the concert will garner funds that will be sold primarily for this cause.

“When I learned about Outback’s commitment to the troops and history of helping our local communities, it really felt like the perfect fit to partner with them in their efforts,” said McGraw.  “Together with Outback, our shared goal is to help raise awareness and funds to help our selfless servicemen and women.”