RecessionJuniper Research has shown concern in a report that growth mobile entertainment market will be slowed down if the world over economical recession continues to hit. The report states that the average growth per year in the next 2 years will dash down from 19 percent to 7 percent; 19 percent in the best and 7 in the worst conditions.

The most optimistic forecasts about the mobile entertainment market quoted £25 billion economical growth in 2010, which will be a lot lower if the current economical conditions prevail. The main cause of the drop is thought to be the less interest of people to spend on luxurious.

Juniper research

However, other factors have also been mentioned in the report, such as funds lacking to finance the faster migration to ad funded services and new applications development.

Dr Windsor Holden, report author said, some entertainment services appear to be yielding to a great extent towards economical crunch. Also, with the thought of consumers being increasingly reluctant or unable to purchase content, may be operators will not be in favor of providing expensive, and higher risk services like a dedicated mobile broadcast TV network.

It is also thought by Juniper experts that all the sectors will not be affected as such, like mobile gaming.