T-Mobile Sidekick (Gekko)
These days, a good secret can’t be kept for a long time and surely, T-Mobile can tell you better in this connection. There were words about T-Mobile’s sidekick model months ago and it got all confirmed almost a week ago when the pitiless blogsphere had access to some internal documents of T-Mobile’s Gekko (code-name)

Today, the new model has been officially unveiled and simply named as T-Mobile Sidekick. After acquisition of Danger (device manufacturer) by the Microsoft, it is the first Sidekick to debut.

We can’t say that the Sidekick is a new revolutionary product but it has something attractive for young hip messaging fanatics. A new level of personalization that allows you to add your own images, graphics and designs to the outer shell is a big highlight. This T-Mobile Sidekick will set you back in $149.99 with a two-year contract with discounts and rebates and is also an option if you’re looking at T-Mobile prepaid phones. It is available in select stores and online as well.

Those who are curious about why T-Mobile has returned to handheld Sidekick, this official statement from the carrier may satisfy them: “Soon there will be two lines of devices in the T-Mobile Sidekick family and they are T-Mobile Sidekick and the T-Mobile Sidekick LX. Both these lines have their own unique features and the consumers can choose one of them according to their lifestyle. The main focus in T-Mobile Sidekick is on personalization at very reasonable price while T-Mobile LX will emphasize a bit on luxury.”