Samsung R1 MP3 PlayerThe recent TechRadar updates state that the YP-R1 is one of the latest touchscreen MP3 players that have come from the group of Samsung. It will go on sale from mid of this month and bring great benefits to users.

It comes with a 16 GB flash along with storage as well as a 2.7 inch wide WDQVGA touch screen display feature. This is Samsung R1 rush with 8.9 mm thick as well as supportive DviX video features. This also runs the great TouchWiz interface with the YP-R1 coming as a TV out port. One can play video games here with complete ease.

Samsung Test Lab

Credit: Samsung Test Lab

The presence of Bluetooth, FM Radio, ebook reader as well as some of basic arcade features make for a great model of this phone. Samsung has connected with the Samsung Connect through the TechRadar team in order to bring about some of the greatest MP3 player phones that come to be lucky for users.

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