bit-torrentMyka has been the pioneer in bringing those torrents on the bigger screen. This BitTorrent Box by Myka hooks up with the preferred net connection along with the storage drive and along with runs a torrent client on the Linux operating system. You can also add storage into the box by the means of a USB device and plug out the video mode if you are not downloading anything from the computer. It ranges anywhere from $300 to $500. The prices vary in accordance to the capacity of your storage device.It has been nearly 10 months since the box was formally introduced, however the production phase is about to begin in China.


If we believe the official website for Myka, then they claim to have started the production in full swing. This also means that the boxes should arrive within four to six weeks for all those eager consumers out there. This box simply pulls down all the torrents while you are asleep and plays them on your HDTV once connected to it.