iphone webserverFor many people, there are so many things. Yup, I am talking about the iPhone, but have you ever imagined that it’s becoming a web server too.

A Japanese networking company known as FreeBit has achieved this piece of trickery and this new iPhone application has been quite oddly named as ServerMan@iPhone.

With the help of this application, one can download or upload files via a standard browser or through the webDAV protocol. According to FreeBit, the iPod touch or iPhone would just appear like any available server computer on the web.


While in operation, the PC which accesses the phone will directly connect to it if they appear on the similar part of networking as just on the same wireless connection.

However, there is a considerable distance between the two devices, the connection will be facilitated by FreeBit’s VPN.


According to the company, this one is a real homage to the brand of Walkman, as it’s offering plenty of stuff in a petite package. The company has hired Sony’s ex CEO as an advisory on it.

Currently, it will only be available in Japanese from App Store, but Freebit announces that an English version of it will soon be available, as it’s almost ready.