Toshiba to Release 3D TVToshiba is now launching its 3D TV series soon. Reportedly the detailed announcement is expected at the IFA 2010 moot. The UK market will have the first view of 3D series in September this year. The full details on specification will be released at the launch.

Toshiba further claims they will not use polarizing technology in 3D TV. They are set to present the “Free View HD and LED TV” range that is still in the pipeline. The assistant General Manager for Europe made casual sort of announcement. The intention seems to focus the attention of buyers as to what now they can’t expect from Toshiba at the IFA 2010. People worldwide know and understand Toshiba Quality standards and will look forward to new developments that will be presented by all renowned brands.

The experts have also summed up the comments to see between the lines without polarizing technology the other option could be active shutter tech. He further disclosed that 3D-ready cell TV may also be available at the IFA 2010 in UK.