vuzixVuzix has announced the launch of its new goggles the Wrap 902AV video eye wear kit, which can be seen at CES showroom.

In December great changes were announced in the world of Virtual and Augmented reality. This can prove to be one the most interesting gadget of 2009. Vuzix CEO Paul Travers said, “The Wrap 920AV will not just change the portable video industry, but how consumers view and interact with information”. He further said, “from watching a Civil War video reproduction battle reenactment on the actual battleground to walking through the streets of New York City with an animated virtual tour guide, the possibilities are endless.”
vuzix3920AV is a pair of sunglasses with a see -thru Quantum optics feature. When attached with high definition media devices, these glasses give the viewer an opportunity to enjoy 3D in a unique manner. A virtual screen of 60 inches opens in front of the eyes as if it is viewed from a distance of 9 feet. The goggles also allow the wearer to interact with his surroundings while enjoying the 3D.

vuzix accessory
It is noticeable that the goggles are not meant only for 3D, but they also support 2D video formats. They also feature high quality sound with a set of two earphones, and on-screen menu for display control. There are lenses in the set too, to enable people of weak eye sight enjoy the new gadget. The battery time is 6hrs with two AA batteries.

These goggles can be regarded as a highly fine technology, as they are compatible with every multimedia and entertainment tools like iPhone, iPod e.t.c.