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Understanding How Routers Work

With the steadily increasing use and popularity of wireless internet connections & the widely use computer monitoring software in day-to-day routine for some, routers have become a necessary part of nearly every modern household and business. However, many individuals are still clueless when it comes to actually understanding what a router does, or how to make it work better. For those of you who did not grow up with a computer mouse already placed in your hand, here are some basic facts to help you understand what a router does and how you can help to make yours function even better.

Establish Wireless Internet Connection

The basic purpose of a wireless router is to establish an internet connection without the need for obnoxious physical cords. With an increasing push towards modern convenience and regular internet usage, wireless internet connections through routers have become an extremely popular option.
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Dell SmartphoneMichael Dell, founder of Dell computers tells in an interview that his company is considering introducing a new smart-phone, but he admits that it will take some time for such a device to hit the market.

Michael Dell further told that their move towards open source mobile operating system like Google’s Android and Nokia’s Symbian would promise an exciting time for the company. It is worth mentioning that Michael became the head of the company in an attempt to save from a bad patch that made the company fall behind rival Hewlett Packard. Click here to read more …