Don’t Like IE8According to a list published by the company on Friday, Microsoft has come up with new plans in which users will have the opportunity to switch ‘off’ Internet Explorer 8. It is told that Windows Media Player is also amongst the others that include the list.

Microsoft has done so as Windows Vista has been launched and Microsoft intends for an aggressive marketing to make Windows Vista a great success. But according to the explanations given by Microsoft’s Jack Mayo, the company wishes to provide choice to the consumers while presenting its products in high quality and harmony of balance.


Apart from the given explanations, it is speculated that Microsoft has dropped IE8 in the exclude item box because of other browsers namely Firefox and Chrome taking over the market with heavy weightage.


Microsoft has already earned a lot of criticism in playing marketing strategies regarded as anti competitive. Yet it is surprising that Microsoft has given in and taking its hands off of its monopolized marketing strategies. For the times to come, it is very important for every company to stay stable to take over the market, as due to the economical recession, many companies are shutting down.