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Nikon Made New AnnouncementsMark Ellwood hosting the show and was talking about the new developments from Nikon’s COOLPIX products. Mark Ellwood and Invited guest Steve Heiner were discussing the new range from Nikon which is offering latest range of products including COOLPIX P100, it is the first compact digital camera from the house of Nikon with a CMOS sensor. There are more stylish, elegant and more advanced products than before which are COOLPIX S4000, S6000, S3000, S8000 and COOLPIX L110 and L22 digital cameras.

Nikon Coolpix S1000PJ

Nikon Coolpix S1000PJThis is a great fantasized projector with much built in systems coming through digital camera. This was published through the review of bringing the world’s very first and current only digital camera with such in-built projector facility. Now the question is if this is really worth the big hype that is being made about it. The special features are coming through rated reviews along with some of the compact camera facilities. The buzz is really intense with this camera. From WiFi on the Coolpix P3 this has come to be evolved in a greater way. Click here to read more …