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The Xperia X10 marks somewhat of a return to form for Sony Ericsson, the famous Japanese/Swedish mobile phone manufacturer as they, last year, put the perceived failures of the past couple of years behind them to create this latest flagship smartphone.

The X10 has plenty going for it, being one of the most aesthetically appealing smartphones on the market and it also is full of improvements in the operating system that the company have so struggled with before by plumping to finally go for an Android OS over the previous Symbian or Windows Phone systems.
One of the best features on the phone though, is its camera. This is an area in which Sony Ericsson has continuously excelled over the last decade and the X10 follows this trend well with a well-featured, easy to use camera. Click here to read more …

LENOVO SHOWS OFF SKYLIGHTThe Skylight sub-notebook has been announced by Lenovo, this uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip, and uses Linux and not Windows, and its price is 499 dollars.

This Linux device uses the ARM chip architecture, and it is a big move away from the usual Intel/Microsoft Windows model for the computers.

The common term ‘smartbook’ is being used by Lenovo to describe the product – it is smaller than a netbook, but it’s bigger than a smartphone. Click here to read more …