Motorola Crush

Motorola Crush“You will be having Crush on” Motorola Crush a stylish edition in Motorola family. At affordable price enjoy the world of multimedia, remarkable call quality, simple yet flattering design. And the most important one is its Large Display, having a sleek touch screen quality. This package has almost all that you need.

Touch Screen: Every time your index finger give you access to the desired phone function. Digital Qwerty keyboard ensures accuracy with high speed while typing.

Ease of Making Calls: This sleek touch screen mobile does not compromise over dependable calling. As it is specially designed silent made have a simple tap at exteriors reducing the risk of ringing phone best at unwanted time. So you can relay over it with close eyes.

Motorola Crush Review

Credit: Dirsapimpis

Stylish to carry: An affordable device with the maximum style and functions. This big display is not heavy on pocket. Other functions are listed below;

  • Pedometer: the phone is loaded with fun extras like pedometer to count your steps Music & Video player for media lovers.
  • Stereo Bluetooth is noticeable as well.
  • 3.5mm headset jack for various listening options.
  • 2 megapixel camera and 16 GB storage space. Isn’t it something more than enough?

The only negative point observed so far that it does not work when your hands are hot, and the phone freaks out. In summers it would be difficult to work on it as texting slowdowns.

To order, call your local Motorola dealer.

Motorola is a registered company in US Patent and Trademark office while Bluetooth trademarks are only used by Motorola, Inc. and it’s licensed call time charges, SIM card charges and Wireless email facility charges varies according to region with server capabilities. Same Bluetooth profile is essential for communication through this facility.

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Customer Reviews

  • I found it a little slower than other touch screen devices.
  • Sometimes it becomes still but not frequently.
  • Strength is somewhat fishy. I am taking good care of it.
  • It starts working strange when very close to face so I keep it lock right after calls.
  • Battery timings are good as you can make 1 hour video on the run.
  • You can set background images as animated pictures and videos as well.
  • Texting is good, as I haven’t used any other touch screen delicate so handling requires some more care.
  • I have recently bought this phone, and found it even better then original Blackberry. This new technology device is awesome, as the size is so good to fit in pocket. Screen size is large enough to display images without bring distorted. Week reception is the only problem I faced. It’s not too bad not even too good as well. It’s user friendly simple layout make it a choice even for elderly ones.
  • Every aspect of this phone just fits my style. I replaced it with my Samsung phone which dropped and turned into pieces forever only for a distance of 4 inches. Huge display, perfect size and marvelous style makes it a reasonable purchase.
  • I have purchased this phone a month back, and I am a person doing lots of my work on mobile phone. Till now I have not dropped a single call. I am totally satisfied with its performance.
  • It’s simply the best phone I ever had. Amazingly good if we compare with Samsung intensity and LG Bliss.

Numerous applications are available for this phone, at quite affordable prices. I found it easier to text with an excellent result of 2.0 megapixel camera makes it a bundle of pleasure.