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Photo by Take Pictures | Love Prawns

The exciting world of sports and sporting activities has always captured the imagination of one and all ever since the times of the Greek Olympians and the Roman gladiators. Obviously, like everything else, sports too, has undergone a metamorphosis with the passage of time. Earlier, one had to be present in the arena to witness the sporting events. Only the select few present in the arena could witness the events, while for most people the experience was more of a word of mouth nature, or by reading newspapers.

The invention of the radio brought about a revolutionary change in the world of sports. For the first time, a person sitting in a remote corner of the world could appreciate the enjoyment of a live sporting event because of enthralling commentary by experts. The world became more aware of the deliberations involved in sporting events, which changed the way the world looked at sports. The effect the radio could only be overwhelmed if the common man could actually have the radio experience with visuals. And thus began the era of televised sports.

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