Samsung Q70With its impressive specification, excellent battery life and strong usability, Samsung’s Q70 is a true representative of its powerful, stylish, and reasonably priced ultra-portable laptops.

Though not as slim as we like, quite compact and can be easily carried in small luggage with its 2kg chassis that is ideal for travel. We can easily keep working the whole day long with its 314-minute battery life. But one thing is worth mentioning and that’s about large battery that sticks out 20mm behind the chassis.

All can be said about build quality, is that it’s excellent. But the glossy lid easily gets tarnish and while traveling, it would be better to keep it in a suitable case.

So far keyboard is concerned, it makes typing quite comfortable and accurate with its large keys and smooth action.Samsung Q70  A robust-build machine

It has a 13.3-inch screen that is, no doubt, really bright and sharp. But 3D performance through built-in Intel graphics is low; however, it’s quite powerful for basic gaming and photo editing.

So far performance in concerned, it is impressive indeed. It has a Core Duo processor that is from Intel’s new range and has the ability to run high-powered applications and several tasks without any obvious drop in pace.

It provides high general performance in a small chassis but still it remains cool almost all the time as the cooling is never off-putting that allows you to work peacefully. There is brushed aluminum around the keyboard that feels quite cool to the touch.

250 GB hard disk provides considerable storage for such a small machine. You can also back up data to CD and DVD with its dual-layer DVD rewriter and you can also burn your own labels to compatible discs with its LightScribe technology.

A mixed bag: that’s what we can say about connectivity .You can connect to wireless networks at the quickest possible pace with its 802.11n Wi-Fi. However, only an analogue VGA output has been provided to connect external display.Samsung Q70 Laptop

A thing that you must keep in mind form budget point of view is that no office software has been included in it but it has propriety system maintenance applications from Samsung and a good collection of DVD playback and creation tools.

For the regular traveler, the Samsung Q70 is a nice ultra-portable machine with its sheer power and mobility and its affordable price makes it more appealing and really adds to the value.

Though there is software disappointment and limited connectivity, Q70 is still highly recommended.