Samsung with Latest Optical Zoom AbilitySamsung has reinvented their 15x Optical Zoom ability that has been added to the high mega zoom feature family. There is the new high end compact camera that is a part of the HZ series which has this great zoom capability. The GPS technology with visual mapping view is going to bring great tactics and features to be experienced with this HZ series. The market leader in terms of consumer electronics, Samsung is experiencing a high degree of innovation in its own ways. There are the point-and-shoot digital cameras that are a part of the high end zoom facility of the Samsung cameras in the HZ series. The 12 megapixel HZ35W and HZ30W have some of the wide angle 24mm lenses. These are Schneider lenses with their predecessors that work with the zoom facility. This brings about an impressive 15x optical zoom feature. There are additional equipments with super cleaning as well as sharpening features that are great displays with full on built-in GPS technology.