The Xperia X10 marks somewhat of a return to form for Sony Ericsson, the famous Japanese/Swedish mobile phone manufacturer as they, last year, put the perceived failures of the past couple of years behind them to create this latest flagship smartphone.

The X10 has plenty going for it, being one of the most aesthetically appealing smartphones on the market and it also is full of improvements in the operating system that the company have so struggled with before by plumping to finally go for an Android OS over the previous Symbian or Windows Phone systems.
One of the best features on the phone though, is its camera. This is an area in which Sony Ericsson has continuously excelled over the last decade and the X10 follows this trend well with a well-featured, easy to use camera.
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
The camera supports 8 megapixels which, whilst not being as many as the remarkable 12 that the Nokia N8 boasts, is still a very good amount for a camera phone. It also has a host of features including image stabilization, several shooting modes and plenty of other options that should make your photography both easier and more satisfying. It has also transferred plenty of the features that the well received Sense camera contained with options such as “Landscape” to “Macro” or “Night Scene” to “Beach and snow” so you really can take photos in all scenarios.

The phone also has a decent LED flash which is a must on a camera phone because taking photos in low light is tricky with any camera phone. This flash is not the best ever but it does its job. Overall this phone has one of the very best cameras on the market and although you cannot expect it to be as good as a decent digital camera, it is as good as some of the entry level cameras out there.