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HTC are a Chinese company, based in Taiwan, specialising in developing high end smartphones that continually push the boundaries of what is possible on a mobile phone.
They have had massive success over the last few years, with phones such as the Wildfire selling all over the world and bringing the Android operating system to the forefront of mobile phone software. One phone above all others has made HTC one of the biggest mobile phone developers in the world and still continues to sell extremely well into 2011, despite being almost a year old.

This phone is, of course, the HTC Desire. The phone has exceeded all expectations and with the release at the end of 2010 of the High Definition version of the phone, the HTC Desire HD, it seems as if the phone’s future looks just as bright as the last 12 months. Click here to read more …

2010 Sony Ericsson Open

Photo by I_Heart_Masha

Stars from the entertainment industry unveiled their tennis talent as they paired up with two of the world’s top class tennis players in exclusive mixed doubles matches to celebrate the start of 2010 Sony Ericsson Open. On the tennis court were ex Spice girl MelB paired with Novac Djokovic against Cash Money/Universal Republic recording artist Jay Sean paired with female tennis ace: Ana Ivanovic.

Taking the umpire’s chair was Miami funnyman, Benji B who shouted directions as though it were a football match, added the comic proceedings to the match. On the other hand, running commentary was provided by Real Housewives of New York star, Kelly Bensimon. Quite an entertaining and close match, the ‘Glam, Set, Match’ title was ultimately won by Jay Sean and partner Ana Ivanovic.

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Samsung NX Lenses

Photo by mhisham

Photo by mhisham

Samsung has announced the 5 new NX lenses with the new unveiling of the NX10’s innovation of the latest launch. They have been interesting market leaders and pioneers who have been providing high quality since the past time with latest winning innovations. There have been new announcement and technological advancements made in lieu with the latest released as well as groundbreaking NX system lenses.

Samsung Electronics America Inc. has been working as a world leading producer in terms of creating high technology systems. They have been bringing the original line up with standard zoom as well as tele zoom features. There are the new pancakes lens launched too which adds additional duration with the greatest picture capturing technology.

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Beautiful Photo Frames by SonyBeautiful and easy-to-use photo frames from Sony are easily accessible which can bring much clearer digital photography from Sony. These are TruBlack technology with rich as well as high contrast images that bring low screen reflections. The 2GB internal memory has storage of over 4,000 images. These are generous choices which can come with exchangeable as well as colored bezels that come with easy picture sorting and functioning. There are now plenty of ways to store your precious memories through your camera. Click here to read more …

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