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Nikon Made New AnnouncementsMark Ellwood hosting the show and was talking about the new developments from Nikon’s COOLPIX products. Mark Ellwood and Invited guest Steve Heiner were discussing the new range from Nikon which is offering latest range of products including COOLPIX P100, it is the first compact digital camera from the house of Nikon with a CMOS sensor. There are more stylish, elegant and more advanced products than before which are COOLPIX S4000, S6000, S3000, S8000 and COOLPIX L110 and L22 digital cameras.

Photo by halfbyteproductions

Photo by halfbyteproductions

In 1980s Nokia started growing too fast and stretched-out into new lines of technologies due to the increasing demand of Nokia phones. It was happened when Kari Kairamo was the Chief Executive. They also encountered financial difficulties when its other Television Division was not doing well at all and due to some other business ventures which were too different than this field. It also leads to the death of Kari Kairamo, and Simo Vuorilehto became the next CEO in 1988.

From 1990-93 Finland became under stressed of major economical crises, which also effected Nokia phones to stuck but the new CEO has eventually streamlined the various operations of the Nokia phones division and laid-off all other diverse ventures.

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Adobe Criticize Apple iPadAdobe criticizes Apple iPad for lack of Flash video compatibility on board and lack of support for it on the iPhone. Group manager for Flash Adrian Ludwig said that Apple imposes restrictions on their devices such as publishers and consumers.

– eBook readers will unable to access ePub content with Apple’s DRM technology on devices made by other manufacturers.

– iPad users will unable to access the full range of web content without flash support. Click here to read more …

Motorola Crush

Motorola Crush“You will be having Crush on” Motorola Crush a stylish edition in Motorola family. At affordable price enjoy the world of multimedia, remarkable call quality, simple yet flattering design. And the most important one is its Large Display, having a sleek touch screen quality. This package has almost all that you need.

Touch Screen: Every time your index finger give you access to the desired phone function. Click here to read more …

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